Reborn: Week 7 total: -217

DAX GAP: +75
2/3 winning days

GBP CROSS: -99.2
2/5 winning days

DOW CROSS: -193.1
1/4 winning days

I’ve switched the blog to a weekly report. Hopefully this will smooth things out a little bit and give a clearer picture of the performance, which has been terrible recently!

This was the 3rd losing week on the trot. Lots of sideways markets and choppy moves – which are kryptonite to the robots! Its only a matter of time before things turn around.. but will it be too late by then?

Running totals for Reborn:
DAX GAP: -36

TOTAL: +111

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 19.11.35




Reborn: Day 32 total -63

DAX GAP: +50
A rare win!

GBP CROSS: -46.9
The bad run continues

Two losses

DAY TOTAL: -62.9
The 12th losing day on the trot. The reborn robots are still up over +250 points, but wow, have they taken a beating recently.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 22.17.13



“Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once”

We are currently in the middle of a painful drawdown period. We’ve had 10 losing days in a row, and have dropped -450 points.

OK, I admit – that’s bad. But don’t despair!

The robots will experience significant periods of drawdown. They have before. They have always recovered in the past.

There have 5 been run-ups of over +450 points (averaging 5 days for each) in the past 100 trading days. That means we would expect a similar run-up every 20 days or so (approx every month).

All it would take is one of these run-ups to get us right back on track.

So hold on to your hats, don’t throw in the towel & keep everything crossed that the recovery arrives soon!

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 22.44.00




Reborn: Day 30 total -30

No trade today

GBP CROSS: -16.6
The bad run continues

Still no recovery

DAY TOTAL: -29.6
The 10th losing day on the trot. -446 in total! Amazing.  The robots just can’t seem to make any headway. We’re going to need a big day tomorrow to avoid another negative week. 





Reborn: Day 29 total -62

DAX GAP: -20
Thought it might hit the limit today, but fell back to a lock in level

GBP CROSS: -48.8
See-sawing today resulted in a few false triggers

Another losing day

DAY TOTAL: -61.8
The 9th losing day on the trot. Brutal. Now we’re only +1 ahead of this stage for the V1 robots! It’s been a long time since we had any 100+ trades. Surely it can’t be long…?!

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 22.41.31


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 22.44.00


Reborn: Day 28 total -39

DAX GAP: -50
I’ve changed this robot so that if it loses the first bet, it will flip to the opposite direction.

Yes, that is now twice the risk, and it didn’t work out today, but this will hopefully improve things overall.

It started well & finished well, but was bad in the middle!

2 trades, 1-1.

DAY TOTAL: -38.9
The 8th losing day on the trot. Now we’re only +57 ahead of this stage for the V1 robots. Bare in mind though – the V1 robots did very well for the first 39 days!

V2 robots are still up +446 since the start of the blog.